fuck th4t b1tch

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Submission from WXW:

These are some very bad pictures I took in NY, I had to use my phone because they didn’t want my camera inside ;_;. In LA the security was so ridiculous that I just decided to put also my phone in the locker (not needed, but I didn’t want any problems… for instance, they didn’t allow some f***ing candy a girl had in her purse). Anyway, in NY they didn’t check anything once inside, so I could have entered with my camera, d’oh!

I really found Kyary happy in NY (can’t say about LA, I was in that stupid VIP balcony, that’s not what I call VIP to see Kyary), so I’m sure she’ll be there next tour. But you still need to practice your shouting and cheering before the concert, and VIP people in LA, for a Kyary concert the chairs are just to be used during the intermissions, not the first half of the concert! Kyary gets happy when people cheers before the concert and after each song, and when everybody dances (politely), you can see it in her face, it’s easy to distinguish her true smile.

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